OUr chocolates

We create our range of handcrafted chocolates from a small kitchen attached to our Red Hill store.  According to locals the shop was once home to a butcher. 

All of Couverture & Co.’s chocolates are made from the finest Belgian couverture chocolate.

The range of flavours vary from the traditional, such as dark chocolate truffles, to the more novel white chocolate & tonka, and stuffed medjool dates.

We also offer gluten free and vegan options.

Because we use the freshest of ingredients our chocolates have a shorter shelf life and we recommend they be devoured within two to three weeks of purchase.

Our Menu

CASSIS – Dark chocolate ganache with blackcurrant (vegan)

CHAMPAGNE – Milk chocolate ganache with champagne (contains gluten)

COFFEE BAR – Milk chocolate ganache with freshly ground

coffee beans atop a biscuit base (contains gluten)

CREMÉ CARAMEL - Smooth caramel ganache dipped in dark chocolate

ESPRESSO MARTINI – Dark chocolate ganache with a shot of coffee, vodka & coffee liqueur dipped in milk or dark chocolate

FIG & MUSCAT - Fig with dark chocolate muscat ganache

FRESH DATES – Medjool date filled with coffee cream or candied orange (vegan) twice dipped in dark chocolate

GINGER – Dark chocolate ganache with Buderim ginger (contains gluten)

ORANGE AND POPPY SEED - White chocolate ganache with 

orange zest & poppy seeds in dark chocolate

PASSIONFRUIT – Milk chocolate ganache with passionfruit

SALTED CARAMEL - Chewy caramel with Murray River salt in

milk chocolate (contains gluten)

TONKA - White chocolate ganache infused with tonka beans



Chilli ganache (dark)

Almond cluster (milk or dark)

Dark chocolate ganache with cocoa nibs

Hazelnut ganache (milk)

Lemon cream (milk)

Macadamia cluster (milk or dark)

Peppermint cream (milk or dark)

Raspberry ganache (milk or dark)

All chocolates are made from the finest Belgian Callebaut chocolate and are gluten free (unless indicated).